Red White & Blue Camel back Straight Key W/ Aluminum Base

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The Camel Back Straight Key 
Liquid Smooth Dual Self Lubricating Bearing Action!
Solid Brass Contacts & All Soldered Connections!


3 Popular Knob Options

Carbon Fiber Infused Pivot Arm

Easily Adjustable Gap And Tension

No Rust! - Stainless Steel Hardware

Includes Anodized Aluminum Base

Non Marring Non Skid Rubber Feet

Made with biodegradable PLA plastic, made from Corn !

Solid Brass contacts  for Solid Contacts!

Dual Self Lubricating Bearing Action for a Great QSO.

Allen Wrench Included.


The Camel Back uses Thumb Nuts and Threaded Posts to connect using tinned wire ends or a soldering lug... 


  Tension and gap adjustments are shown below...

 * Use Copper Braided Wire with Tinned Ends On Posts


Cleaning And Maintenance:
Cleaning is best using a small dry paintbrush.  Should the contacts become
tarnished, clean as shown below...


Made in The USA