Army Green Lightweight Double Paddle Morse Code Key

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The Ultimate Lightning Fast Double Paddle Morse Code Key.
Super Smooth Action With Self Lubricating Bearings.
Solid Brass Contacts With Stainless Steel Fasteners & Nickel Plated Steel Spring.
All Soldered Braided Copper Wire Connections.


This Precision Key Uses Solid Brass Contacts For A Solid QSO

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Dit & Dah Paddle Distance To The Center Contact Can Be Independently Set. Adjustable Spring Tension for Maximum Operator Comfort.

BUILT FOR SPEED: Independent Paddle Arms Ride Smoothly On TWO Nylon Bearings.  NO unwanted friction on lengthy or high speed QSOs!

Data Sheet:

Adjustments & Connection:


Care and Cleaning:


Download Data Sheet HERE

Made in The USA