Here’s How We Got Started…

It’s 1973… The Korean Conflict is not far behind us, and the Vietnam War is in full swing.  I’m a kid in rural East Texas… And my Dad, is half way around the world, Captain aboard a Super Tanker, full of Jet Fuel, off the Coast of Vietnam…

My Dad was a Ship’s Captain in the USNS Fleet before internet or cell phones.  Letters from around the world took weeks… And so the only way we could talk to my Dad, was via “phone patch” offered by the many fine operators that monitor the Maritime Mobile Network.

Amateur Radio Was THE ONLY WAY Our Family could spend time with my Dad when he was gone at Sea!

I will never forget our entire family huddled around the telephone, talking to Pop… and saying “over”, talking to Dad while he was anchored off of The Coast of Danang, Vietnam (or some other classified location).

Back in those days, I would spend my nights banging away on an old Radio Shack buzzer key, learning the mysterious “code” that you HAD to KNOW to become a “Radio Operator”, like my Dad, or Sparky, the Radio Operator on Dad’s ship.

A Thing for the “CW”

So, the old man was sweet on Morse Code. I can still remember in the 70’s when I was only a few years old my dad calling CQ on his Yaesu FT-101B, and then on his FT-101E. Pop got started in 1969 with the callsign WN6EIZ.

Fast forward a few years to 1977 where at the ripe old age of 15, I received my Novice Ticket, under callsign of WD5DNU. (now KC5ILR)
Here’s Me and Dad, With my brother Andy, taking it up later with the callsign KE5EXX.
So coming up on 3 generations of licensed Amateur Radio Operators… with a CW addiction 🙂 For over 45 years & through my families history we have always had a special thing for cool straight keys!

Present Day 2017

Present Day 2017 my 14 Year old Son Jacob comes to me wanting me to get him a “cool looking” Morse code key. Now you know how youngsters are.  COOL is the key word.   Yep, a chip off the old block.

I snickered to myself and said “Good luck Son, most of the cool ones are expensive for a young man… or any man.”
Not deterred in the least, he thought a minute…
Then with a cat like smile he said;

“Well… We have the software & equipment. Can we build one Dad?”

So we got to work trying to help my son get his “cool looking” Morse code key.
Over the next few weeks we designed, tweaked and tested, several prototypes…


The Best Part?  We also had a LOT of fun!!!

The next thing you know, we’re building keys like crazy, and shipping them from Coast to Coast…
 And So CW Morse Was Born.

Amateur Radio… A Family Tradition Since 1969.

Captain Antonio Pedro Delgado – WN6EIZ SK
Unlimited Master Mariner 1933-1990

 Joseph Antonio Delgado Sr. – KC5ILR
Good on QRZ

 Andrew Pedro Delgado – KE5EXX
Good on QRZ